Food Menu

Munchies Menu

Available in all locations and at most events on the the premises.

Blue Morpho Gelato

A smooth and lightly sweetened gelato with a soft hint of lemon zest stenciled
with the effigy of its namesake and topped with a delicate candy butterfly.

Danry's Pastry Sampler

The Rainbow Room's chef prepares a selection of delectable sweet pastries available upon request. Pick an item from the list or order an entire sampler to share with your table: apple strudel, eclairs, holiday donuts, and various fruit tarts (rolanberry, blood currant, orange, blood orange) tarts.

Soft Pretzel

A home made soft pretzel, baked to perfection and lightly dusted with coarse salt,
paired with ramekins of beer-cheese dip and stone ground, spicy mustard.
It goes great with a tankard of La Noscean Dark Ale!

Zhalar's Choice Cheeseboard

This cheese board features a variety of cheeses from around Eorzea
along with crackers, fresh and dried fruits, and pickled vegetables.

Our Eorzean cheeses include Thanalan aldgoat, La Noscean sharp, Gridanian herbed cream cheese, Coerthan holey cheese, and Coerthan blue veined.
Lowland grapes, dried figs and apricots, dates, seasonal nuts, pickled carrots,
dill pickles, and lightly pickled kohlrabi slices complete the cheese board.

Pairs well with a glass of wine.

Tavern Menu

Available during Tavern Nights at Mo's Tavern and at select events.

Danry's Flatbread Sandwich

Spiced wild La Noscean buffalo beef layered and slow roasted with slivers of cyclopsian onions and free ranged lamb meat on a standing spit, sliced thin and served on Ul'dahni flat bread with midland cabbage, diced dzemal tomato, minced onion, and Danry's signature Tzatziki sauce.

Koi Waffles

A crispy fish shaped waffle with a delicate citrus flavor on the outside,
stuffed with a candied sweet popoto filling.

Popotoes au Gratin

Russet popotoes baked and served in an earthenware crock
with a rich blend of Eorzean cheeses.

Warrior's Stew

This Eorzean take on a dish popular amongst the nomadic tribes of the Azim Steppe is a simple stew comprised of diced dzo chuck, chopped popotoes and carrots,
finely diced onions, and a special blend of herbs and spices.

Drink Menu

Beer & Wine Selection

Available in all locations and at all events on the the premises.

Gridanian Pale Ale

A golden amber ale with a light head featuring a rich flavor of hops mixed infused with faerie apple, maple, and lavender.

La Noscean Dark Ale

A hearty beer with a thick head featuring a strong bittersweet flavor
infused with a hoppy aroma and a hint of honey.

Ishgardian Black Beer

A dark chestnut lager with hints of chocolate and coriander.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This House Dzemael Cabernet Sauvignon has flavors of O'Ghomoro Berries, toasted hazelnut and cinnamon, complemented by hints of vanilla and toasted oak.

Gridanian Rosé

A blend of Grenache, Rolle, Cinsault, Syrah, and Mourvedre grapes.

Pink Moscato

A blend of Doman orange and jasmine comprise the body of this sweet pink wine, infused with the subtle flavors of cherry, valfruit, and pomegranate.

Mixed Drinks Selection

Available during Club Nights and Stage Nights in the Rainbow Room.

Galago Mojito

Muddled mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, and club soda combined with white rum and served on the rocks in a tall glass. Light and refreshing!

Mango Mai Tai

A sweet blend of fresh mango juice, pineapple juice, orange juice,
spiced rum, coconut rum, and grenadine served in a highball glass over ice,
with an umbrella skewer of rum infused cherries.

Mogan's Rum Runner Punch

A blend of spiced rum, coconut rum, orange liqueur, banana liqueur, blackberry brandy, and a splash of orange juice served on the rocks in a tumbler.

Seadog Rum

This classic La Noscean pirate rum is made following an age old recipe, passed down from one crew to the next. The recipe is never exactly the same, but it pours with the consistency of maple syrup and smells strongly of molasses with a hint of lamp fuel.

Full Bar!

We have a full bar and are capable of filling most any drink order.
Don't be afraid to ask for something that's not on our signature drink menu!

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